About Me

Hi, I’m Francesca, your destination wedding photographer, based in Italy.

Life is a journey,
photography an experience.

Everything change, but what we are now should be celebrated.
I like living my life with joy and gratefulness, and I love transmitting it through photography.

My values as a human

II love nature, backpacking trips, and winter afternoons in front of the stove reading a good book. I am passionate about cinema. I try to buy as little as possible and, if I really need something, to buy it second-hand. The fewer things I have, the better I feel. The more I travel the world, the better I feel.

destination wedding photographer

My photographic style

I started photographing a lot in black and white because black and white helps us focus on the content rather than the form. I began to seek a more dynamic style that captured movement, because in life, nothing stays the same, and change is a part of each of us.

Foto di un tappetino da yoga e una panca da meditazione

If you like my values and my style…

let’s get in touch to better know each other.